A strange thing happened in the classroom

Class Instructor educating Chef Center student...

Note: not actually me! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is not often that I am caught off guard by anything in life. Even less so when I am at a structured place like university. However, I recently had an experience in the classroom that had me lost for words.

While I was standing in front of the tutorial class discussing their assessment items, I scanned the room to see a student with an open bag of tobacco, rolling cigarettes. In. the. middle. of. class.

I was so shocked I think I actually stopped talking mid sentence and just stared at her for a second. Now I wish I had come up with a funny line right then and there, but alas I just took a second and continued on with the class. However, after the class was finished I spoke with the student about how I treat the classroom like a workplace. Her response: One day I want to work in the tobacco industry, so it’s OK.

Do you have any funny or strange moments in the classroom to share?


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