10 things your University Tutor won’t tell you

Throughout my work as a tutor in a university, I have gained a whole new perspective to studying at university that I would like to share with you. It’s not often you can get advice straight from university tutors, though Phil Stubbs, Academic Jungle and Female Science Professor are helping to lift the veil. Here I share my top 10 things your university tutor won’t tell you.

A couple of notes: this is based on my experience and those of my colleagues at an Australian university. I would be interested to learn of your different experiences, so please leave a comment to let me know.

Now, here are my top 10 things that your university tutor won’t tell you:

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Exam Jokes

It’s exam time again, and I am sure you are not alone in feeling a little worn out. So here is some light relief for you.

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Quick exam revision techniques – 3 R’s

English: A Student of the University of Britis...

English: A Student of the University of British Columbia studying for final exams. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Almost every university has helpful guidelines and tips on how to study for final exams. However, in my experience this just overloaded me with more information at a time when I needed to focus on my exams, not more reading.

Here is my simple guide on how to study for final exams – I call it the NEW 3 R’s.

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A strange thing happened in the classroom

Class Instructor educating Chef Center student...

Note: not actually me! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is not often that I am caught off guard by anything in life. Even less so when I am at a structured place like university. However, I recently had an experience in the classroom that had me lost for words.

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